Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tea Party Poet Patriot Tom Whitmore Praise Poem for Ronald Reagan Remembered

Ronald Reagan Remembered  by Tea Party Patriot Poet Tom Whitmore

Ronald Reagan was a Conservative icon for sure
A kitchen table patriot, whose wisdom will endure,
Embracing power with the responsibility of office and without thirst
A man of strong values who loved God, family and Country first

A true culture warrior who revered the sanctity of life
He taught us to love thy neighbor and not covet his wife
The Reagan’s slice of heaven was at their Rancho del Cielo
He seemed happiest at the Ranch where life was so mellow

Atop his horse he evoked an almost royal or heroic air
He commanded respect from world leaders everywhere
Always unpretentious, unassuming the leader of our land
Was as at ease with Kings and Queens, as with a ranch hand

He was a man of the people and in all ways lived for them
Among a world full of leaders he stood tall and was a gem
He spoke of the American people with love and affection
He set our national moral bearing in a righteous direction

Of personal freedom and responsibility he would speak often
With his smile and wit the hardest heart he could soften
I don’t think he knew the meaning of the word quit
It was not very often that you would see him sit

Three times he ran before winning the nomination
And twice was elected President of our great Nation
The first time he thanked God for being on his side
God rewarded him next time with an enormous landslide

Of the Russians he declared they were an “evil empire”
And winning the arms race was a need, of ours, very dire
To Mikhail Gorbachev he said, “Tear down this wall”
So that, democracy and freedom could be enjoyed by all

Reagan thought to lower the tax rates to create more growth
Which expanded the tax base and increased revenues both
Some said Reaganomics and Defense spending the debt did increase
I say small price to end the Cold War and bring a new era of peace

“Peace through strength” was his mantra and call to arms
He struck when Libyan terrorists did dare our troops harm
Against international terrorists he declared relentless war
For the longest period in our history the economy did soar

I first revered Jefferson and then along came Ronald Reagan
Both were men of great virtue with nary a hint of the pagan
Men of strong character, sacred honor and stalwart devotion
Great statesmen whose words carried across the wide ocean

Limited government was one of their common goals
As was personal liberty that sparked a fire in men’s souls
Anti-federalist was a label you could put on both men
Majestic words and ideals they could either put to pen

But with Reagan I felt a kinship born of shared values and a love
That he had for the American people and the Creator above
He was a contemporary leader and we could see, hear and feel
The wisdom, honor and character of he, who led us with zeal

He represented his nation as a “Shining city on the hill”
And always revered those, who for freedom, blood did spill
Indeed, his own was spilt from a would be assassin’s shot
But God spared his life that day, so that we might grieve not

He gave us hope that sprang eternal and did not fade
I am grateful for his inspiration of which my debt is unpaid
Until conservative values have been restored throughout the land
And our faith in God and family are renewed, with His helping hand.

For Liberty's Sake
Copyright 2011, Thomas J Whitmore

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