Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, President Reagan...

Thank you for the work you did to ROAR - Reclaim Our American Republic!

As Jefferson founded the "smaller government" Republican Party, that Lincoln made into the "all intrusive government" Republican Party, and you, Reagan, worked to restore to the Jefferson "smaller government" Republican Party, it would be wise for America to refer to the JR - Jefferson - Reagan Republican Party.

In your spirit of ribbing the looney Libs, the below photo-cartoons are offered to America --

And thank you for your humor looking at Democrat Politicians, deceivers who have "hijacked Jefferson" with their "Jefferson-Jackson Dinners".

No where did Jefferson refer to the Democratic-Republican Party, the Founding Fathers wisely FEARED a Democracy, as John Adams described it, as a "Mobocracy".

A "mobocracy" indeed, when seeing Nanny State Nancy, HeistJob Harry, and Oh No O!

The graphic below is from a Demon-crat email fundraiser in 2010...

Democracy breaks down into "Demos" and "Cracy", equivalent to "Rabble Rule", NOT Republic, for Res & Publica, Res the "thing" of the king, or the Rule of Law, for the "Publica", the organized Public, not the dangerous Rabble.

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